Mistress Polly (pombagira) wrote in wellingtonnz,
Mistress Polly

Wellington Bus Drivers and the Blind Man

Monday 5th December 2011 4.31pm

Dear Wellington Bus Drivers,


No it is not ok that you constantly run orange and even read lights, especially on the corner of Willace and Lambton.  today one of you ran a read light, i know it was read as the green man signal was beeping, and there was a man trying to cross who had a white cane.  yes that man was blind, and could not see that you had run a read light thus he ran into you as he was crossing.  you see in a busy intersection, it is difficult to here what is going on around you, thus i suspect that he was attuned to the cross signal, and trusting that Wellington Bus Drivers have enough integrity to not run red or orange lights.  you nearly ran him over, and then because of the afore mentioned running a red light, the blind man was starting to walk into traffic.  i had to stop him, and guide him back to the curb, so that i could then help him cross the road safely while you continued on with out so much as stopping.  and because i was busy helping a nice man across the road i didn't get your bus number, however i still laid a complaint, with the request that Wellington Bus Drivers STOP RUNNING ORANGE AND RED LIGHTS, because it could of been so much worse so very much worse.  

i would like to thank the other people of Wellington who were also willing to help an also came running to the rescue but also kept their distance when they saw help was being offered.. casue that could of been very confusing.  also thank you to the nice man who mouthed thank you to me and gave me the thumbs up.. and finally thank you to the blind man who's name i didn't get, it happened all so fast, but thank you for smiling and squeezing my elbow when i said that i was scared for you because of the traffic.. gosh you were calm.. i tell you i had to have a sit down a cup of tea after that..

to to make it clear.. Wellington Bus Drivers,   DO NOT RUN ORANGE OR READ LIGHTS ANY LONGER! IT IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR, do not make me come to one of your staff meetings and tell you personally mmk..

and Wellingtonians, please stay awsome..

Wellington Pedestrian
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