Ryn (rynhaiiro) wrote in wellingtonnz,

Hi there Wellingtonians!!

I was curious if anyone here owned land, or had friends who had land, that could be hired to expand the outdoor music scene in Wellington.

We have been running outdoor music events for the past 2 years in Wellington, which have been amazing times, with good music in nature, art installations and lots of fire dancing :)

The location we had for this year's event, Psylent Night, has fallen through so we are desperately trying to find another location.

Whatever land we use will come out looking better than we went in! We have an impeccable record of leaving no trace.

  1. If you might be able to help us please contact either by comment, email or text message.
    Email: veneficium@gmail.com
    Text: 0272324905
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