Linda (elle_ann) wrote in wellingtonnz,

Can anyone identify my UFO?

Driving home from work at the hospital tonight, I had just reached the end of Newtown, heading towards the circle leading towards Russell Terrace when I noticed an odd light in the sky just ahead. Much higher than street lamps, but nowhere near as high as the stars .. it was a strong, glowing yellow light with no twinkles around it - more like a steady candle flame sort of light. It seemed to be moving although slowly - I was going faster than it was moving because as I proceeded along Russell Terrace I could see I was coming along 'under' it, as it were. I slowed down, trying not to go off the road or into a parked car or anything as I gawked upwards at it. I halted at the side of the road and watched as the light veered slowly across the road to the right, growing smaller as it did so - as if it were rising higher and higher and thus getting smaller and smaller ... then it was gone.

I checked the time and it was 11:32 pm. I was very much wide awake and (having just come from work as an RN) was definitely not drunk or high! I am NOT a UFO watcher nor do I believe in ghosts or any of the fringier elements of the New Age stuff, but this was not something that fitted into any category I know. No noise, so not a helicopter or a plane. Not zooming along, so not a firework. I stopped again further along Mt Albert rd and looked back across the city, but there were no other odd lights, only very faint stars up above.

Any thoughts, anyone?
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