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A few things...

I'm selling books, dvds, and a car behind the cut. Nice mix huh? Car is a TOYOTA CURREN.

Second thing... I'm also looking to BUY a car... 4 door (preferably hatch) under $5,000. If you or anyone is looking to sell their car, please email me...


Postage: $3.50 per book... (unless overseas)
Make an offer on anything listed & I'll let you know if I'll accept or not. :-)

The car has NO WOF, NO REG... & needs to be taken to VTNZ to be sorted out (paperwork-wise) so could be about $600.00. So I'm giving you fair warning. But the good things are all four brake pads were replaced last year, new radiator, new oil cap, two tyres put on last year, and it's a cool little car. I'm certainly going to miss it!

6x x-files books
another 6 x-files books
the killing kind (jonathan connolly)
the invitation (diane hoh)
when sophie met darcy day (helen yeadon -- this is a very feel-good kind of book!)
the girl in times square (paullina simons)
almost moon (alice sebold - author of lovely bones)
sleeping cruelty (lynda laplante)
flesh & blood (jonathan kellerman)
straight into darkness (faye kellerman)
the girls he adored (jonathan nasaw)
angels & demons (dan brown)
bloodline (maggie shayne)
beyond belief (colm o'gorman)
third degree (tania roxborogh - REALLY enjoyed this one. is NZ story)
the weavers dream & the weavers glory (donna baker)
bitter medicine & deadlock (sara paretsky)
line of fire (john lockyer. this is non fiction, my grandad is in it!)
the tenth circle (jodi picoult)
northern lights trilogy (the golden compass)

dvds... Outrageous Fortune: Series Four

PC games... The Sims 3: World Adventures (expansion pack) want at least $45.00 for this, as paid HEAPS for it when it came out.

Other... Trixie Rabbit Harness (small) these are awesome harnesses, but didn't fit my little guy. They have velcro and are super comfy (and cool looking) This must be sold for $23.00

That is all!

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