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The community for Wellingtonians! Use this community to get in touch with those in the local area, or just see what Wellington's about. All who are curious about Wellington are welcome to join, ask questions or peruse our memory sections.

At the moment we are members only posting access but we hope to open everything up to free posting again at some point.

The simple rules:
*Please keep posts related to Wellington - irrelevant posts may be deleted without warning.
*Please don't advertise TradeMe auctions or private sales on this forum that aren't related to Wellington in particular. (Why not use trademe_nz)
*Please put large images behind a cut. (How to do an LJ cut)
*Selling / renting / letting / advertising something? Please put detail and giant banners behind a cut, and a teaser on the main article - those interested will read on.
*Please be nice to each other, there is no need for name calling or personal attacks. You can make your point without going down that road.
*Please report problems to a mod through the Help posts in the memories section.
*Please have fun!

Mod Rules:
*Mods will give warning before taking action. Mod posts are the preferable way of doing this as it does not single anyone out or fan flames etc. however personal warnings may also be given.
*If action is taken, ie. deleting posts and banning members etc. you must post a follow up post to allow the members to know what's happened - if you don't then expect wrath from the members!

The Memories Section provides some useful info to cover some of those frequently asked questions:
*hair cuts and hair styles - Places to get your hair done!
*Health - Doctors , dentists and everything else you need!
*Living here - Information on living and renting in Wellington. A great way for people the new to learn about the ins and outs of this great city.
*Things to do - From yoga to bars and gig guides!
*Getting a job - Experiences with job agencies like SJS.
*First year uni newbies - Information for those who are in first year, or those who are thinking about studying here.
*Help! - Have a problem with the community, this is a great place to get in contact with a mod.

Wellington Communities: New Zealand Regional Communities: National Communities:NOTE: Please do not post anything here which breaks New Zealand law. There are ways to discuss things without possibly getting yourself and the mods here into legal hotwater.

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